Me-a-Mama is changing the way pregnant women dress.

Me-a-Mama was born in 2010 - the brainchild of a fashion savvy mum and daughter team with six pregnancies between them. They joined with a marekting guru, an awesome sales person and a superb production babe to create a full range of maternity fashion with function (this added another three pregnancies) so, trust us, we know what we're talking about.

Me-a-Mama clothes are engineered to be worn from conception, through pregnancy and to evolve breastfeeding in public and, as a result, our range has a unique longevity (it also looks amazing on mamas if we do say so ourselves). Our ingenious, concealed breastfeeding access means the range is classy and clever but also on trend, so women everywhere love the brand. 

Me-a-Mama is run by women for women. Every season we drink copious cups of tea, thrash out new ideas, revisit old ones and wrestle with the trickiness of making great fashion that must be clever, comfy, classy and cool. We proudly design, style and create everything in South Africa and our amazing team of cutters, makers and tailors are a network of empowered single-mums. We like to feel good about the clothes we make.

Me-a-Mama’s aim is to keep women looking fashionable, feeling fit and in control of their new motherhood.